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About Salon Central

Who We Are

Salon Central stands as an innovator in Charlotte, North Carolina, not merely as the premier salon suite provider but as the pioneering leader in bringing this groundbreaking concept to the state. Inspired by witnessing the success of similar ventures in the Southwest, our owners made it their mission to introduce this opportunity to Charlotte, granting beauty professionals the chance to launch and nurture their own businesses, ultimately serving as a stepping stone towards owning their own standalone storefront locations.

Our Mission

With a legacy spanning over a quarter of a century, Salon Central has remained committed to offering beauty and barber professionals the platform they need to infuse their businesses with a personal and professional touch, something their clients rightfully deserve. The essence of our approach lies in the independence we offer to each professional who operates from one of our salon suites, allowing them to craft a unique space that authentically reflects their brand and vision.

Why Choose Salon Central?

Whether you are taking your first steps in the beauty industry, navigating a career transition, or looking to downsize without compromising your standards, Salon Central is equipped to meet your needs. We extend a warm welcome to licensed cosmetologists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians, natural hair-care specialists, tattoo artists, makeup artists, and massage therapists. Convenience and support are integral to our ethos, with on-site management ensuring that guidance and assistance are always within reach. Our comprehensive list of amenities includes a children's lounge, an on-site café, and free Wi-Fi for both tenants and their valued clients.

Salon Central – Your Destination for Success

In choosing Salon Central, you are selecting more than just a workspace. You are entering an environment that empowers you to thrive and express your unique style. We provide:

Amenities at-a-Glance

  • Generous Space: Offering over 20,000 square feet, our facility is expansive, providing room for your creativity and growth.

  • Stay Connected: Free wireless internet is at your disposal to keep you connected and responsive to your clients' needs.

  • Client Comfort: Our customer and children’s lounge ensure that your clients experience a relaxed and enjoyable visit while they wait.

  • Tenant Retreat: A spacious tenant-only lounge replete with a kitchen, laundry facilities, TV, and a private restroom offers you a comfortable space to unwind and recharge.

  • Café Culture: An on-site café invites you and your clients to enjoy a delightful selection of refreshments, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Prime Location: Our strategic location places us within a mere 5-minute commute of Uptown Charlotte's bustling business district, ensuring accessibility and convenience for professionals and clients alike.


Salon Central is not just a destination; it's a journey towards self-expression, entrepreneurship, and success in the beauty and barber industry. Make Salon Central your choice and embark on a path to a thriving future in the heart of Charlotte.

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